Thursday, June 17, 2010

wet and wild

You were thinking X-rated... admit it.

At the beginning of every summer we live in our suits.
We smell of chlorine and have crusty pool hair.

I honestly cannot remember the last time the boys took showers.
(must make that part of our day today I guess)

We had two days of family.

Monday the whole family went to the swimming pool
spent time with our Great-Grandmother, whom is not feeling
too well at the time, and moved in a positive direction, together.

On tuesday we met some friends at the pool and played chase,
rocket, ate lunch and laughed a lot.
(I am trying to teach my boys more independence from me,
so far hmm....;o))

Wednesday we had two friends over all day...
We pretended to find dragons,
searched for ghosts in the attic,
went to splasheville, again,
ate popsicles,
ate more popsicles,
went to the library,
made homemade
and at the end of the night
when it was just the
So you think you can Dance.

Today looks promising
with two more friends joining us for the day.
The pool is on tap.
We will be sure to build something with legos,
battle with lightsabers,
tussle, laugh, whine,
scream with frustration
And at the end
thank the bed for its soft surface and its cool sheets.

Summer busts through here like a hurricane. 
I ALWAYS wonder how it is moving so fast.
The first full week is almost gone and 
there is so much more livin' to do.

So far I am keeping my "controlling" nature in check.
It is nice to have a forum to let it out
and then feel accountable.
Although you would think it would
be enough just 
to have more

Happy Wet and Wild days to You. 
And if wet is not your thing then more Wild.

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.
-- Russel Baker

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  1. Just found your blog. I really like the honesty and the poetic writing about parenting. I'll come back!


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