Wednesday, June 2, 2010

busy keeps me busy

Wish I had more time.
Busy keeps me busy.

I was corralled into being in charge of the
talent show at school. I am really happy 
that I did. Fun, but takes lots of time and
some of my extra energy. ;o)

This end of the school year rush has sent me feeling
like I too am in a hurry and not sure where I need to

As these last 8 days of school play out we will also be 
facing some personal changes. Our dear friends, A and N, that have come
to play with us since N was 5 months and will be 3 in two weeks, will
be moving on toward other wonderful adventures. They are like
brothers  and best friends to Max and they are like nephews to me. We will
miss them beyond words. They have brought more laughter and joy
to our house then we ever knew could fill it.
I do not do well with change and this is a big one.
I know we will be in touch and have play-dates but they will not
be a part of our weekly rituals, growth, hummus making and eating, 
bike riding, story-time, lego building life.
I love them and hope they always know that.

Rohan is winding down from the second grade! He will be downstairs next year at school. Where did the last three years go?

I am continuing to make pots and decorate them and hope by, next weekend, to have my kiln firing properly. 

New beginnings are exciting, scary, full of wonder and what ifs.

This summer we will take it as it comes, be wet a lot, outside even more, read, be creative and grow, inside and out.

I think I am ready. Let me take another sip of coffee and I'll get back to you.

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