Sunday, May 9, 2010

a visual journey of the week

I began this post many days ago and just have not finished it.
As most of you know I work part-time, well normally I do.
This week we have had so much fun having friends here
every day to play..including right now. (Mother's Day)
They are hiding from Dragon's right now so I was taking 
a moment.
That moment was quickly swept up and here I am two hours later with
Pumpkin bread finished and apple bread in the oven with the laundry folded and waiting to find it's rightful place. (I have a little helper here!)

It feels like so long since I have posted so here it goes... 
a week plus a day of what we were and are up to:

Max's second tooth is out 
and he is working on another!

Monday, Mom's squamous cell removed

 and stitches removed too 
from the previous week

Now for the Monday cooking bonanza:

Grilled veggies+potato's+spices=samosa filling

One of my favorite resources for cooking

Pizza dough batter w/ recipe 
(I always use 1/3 whole wheat and add ground flax seed)

what kids live for: popsicles

What I use in my bread recipes (all of them)

lemon bread and lemon with dried cherries 

and the staple in our house......Humus!
(I also made sushi for the boys later that day.
 An unusually productive cooking day! 
But needed for the week ahead!)

Mother's Day Projects

my friends who visit every week made this 
fingerprint pendant for their mommy, 
with my help.
 (my boys and I made some too;), thank you 
CraftyCrow for this one!)

The next series is inspired by laughpaintcreate
We took the idea and adjusted it to make these awesome 
Mother's Day Cards!
(I cut out the letters 
and we gathered leaves and flowers from the yard,
they put all the objects where they wanted them 
and then sprayed with watercolors!)

(Max made this one for his mommy)

 Inspired by our new found friend, polymer clay,
Rohan took off making these awesome face necklaces.

 The boys and friends hiding from Dragons
 (they have headlight lamps in there and are telling stories ;))

Rohan and Max and their second cousin at
their Gigi's 86th Birthday Celebration

These last two were inspired by the Echo project.
 This months theme is abstract.. not sure I am going to use them yet.
I got a new camera for Mother's Day so I might just have to play before I decide!

I have been thinking a lot about my mothers today,
 all four of them. 
I have learned so much from each of them. 
Love of Music
Unconditional Love

I Realize Now, what they sacrificed (and sacrifice)
 to make my life extraordinary.
They all taught me how to be a Mom. 
A purposeful, creative, demanding,
nature loving, intentional Mom.

I love each of you down to the bottom of my tickley toes.

“Making a decision to have a child–it’s momentous.
 It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

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  1. Hi Andrea! Thank for visiting my blog! I love how you adapted the project! So much fun! Off look around here. Lots of good stuff! :) Have a creative day!



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