Thursday, May 13, 2010

in the mud and other tales

I will begin with my fortune:

Your efforts are budding-
results will appear soon

I received that fortune on Sunday but ended up not eating the cookie and reading it until yesterday. Why is that interesting?
Well, maybe it isn't, but I just happen to think it is very significant.

You see this week is a spring board. I have put my suit on, stretched a little, and gone to the end of the board to do a dive. I am not sure what the dive will look like but sometimes it takes the desire first and then the dives will improve with time.

I guess what I am trying to say it that this week I have actually been getting my hands dirty again. I have been wedging clay, weighing balls of clay, throwing pots, pulling handles, ordering elements for the kiln, decorating the pots and sincerely getting excited about the possibilities.

I am posting these not out of pride but as an acknowledgement that I am diving, it may not be pretty but it is where I am starting now.... in this moment.

One of my favorite and most inspirational quotes of all time! 
~ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

my wheel with two boys working hard... 
max on a coil pot and rohan on "heads"

well, they make me laugh...sometimes thats all we need.

slipped but not decorated yet

The fortune does not lie:

~results will appear soon

On to other stories of the week. 
We took a mother's day hike to the pig farm at Warren Wilson College. 
Here are a few friends we met.

On Monday Max and one of our friends headed to Bent Creek to hike and play at the lake! It was a chilly day and very windy but to small spirits and the loads of energy that comes with it, they did not care as they trudged into the lake with an eventual sit down fully clothed. I mention Bent Creek a lot, 
because I treasure it.

water break and a little gargle

sand building and imagining 

before we got braver we waded ;o)

Rohan continues to sneak the camera.
He's got a great eye for composition.
Here are a couple I enjoyed.

This last photo is of our awesome dog, Fooky.
He is a friend, protector and a family member.
I discovered something yesterday at the dog park, 
(we have not been there for a while)
I was with him in the park and he was fine doing dog things...
then the boys joined us and he stood in front of them and growled at other dogs when they approached. It was kind of sweet, like him.

 So, Here's to doing something you have been wanting to do. For finally letting the fear be fear and allowing it to join in the adventure. I have been making pots for over twenty years and this "break" feels as if it is finally over.


  1. Hey Andrea, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog earlier. Nice treadle wheel. That's what I work on too. Enjoy making some more pots. Best,Ron

  2. Hoooooraaay!
    You did it, Andrea! I'm really excited about your adventure!!

  3. Way to go Andrea! How do I order one of the "mmm...caffein" mugs?

  4. Barbara said...

    I love your blog...your photos...your expressive thoughts...everything.

    I still can't get on here without becoming anonymous, so I don't know how this will appear.


  5. Hi Andrea: I just came across your blog by way of Jen Mecca's blog and I have been reading back over your past posts. You are very much raising your boys like I have been raising my daughter and I share many of the thoughts and comments. I now have the most amazing 17 year old and she is one great kid! I had to smile at the mention of the game of Life you were playing. I had my nephew here one day years ago and he loved that game. We all decided to marry same sex and adopt our children, who were Asian, African American, etc. It was very insightful and I loved how he and my daughter were so oblivious to stereotype and racism. It was fun to see a car with two blue people in the front and then blue and pink kids:)
    Love your blog!

  6. The coffee cups are just lovely! and absolutely love Rohan's photos. I find pictures of Frances' all the time on my camera. isn't it a lovely surprise! keep blogging!! it's great to read your thoughts.


Your words inspire me to do and be more. So do your thoughts but I just can't read them yet! ;)