Saturday, September 25, 2010

bits and pieces of time

It took me a while to come back. 
While I was away I have been running... longer distances, starting to swim laps again,
volunteering at school (Mondays), getting all the drama club ducks in a row,
working with my little 4 month old buddy, potting/painting/mixing/cleaning studio,
and all the other things that go along with living and making it flow, relatively, smoothly.
I am one fortunate and lucky woman/wife/mama!
Just wanted you to know that I appreciate it all.
A( gigantic) lot.

I found this table on the side of the road. It had several years of laminate tableclothes on it.
It also had potential. I wanted it and I wanted to make a festive porch table..... for meals,
games, quiet moments.
The boys and I primed it and I painted it. 
(The design in the middle was made with a bubble blowing stick. ;o))

(After connecting with a friend from over 20 years ago, I painted this table 
with her creative soul as my guide!)

I woke up to this scene this morning. I love how the figures tell a story, even if I read a different story then was intended by the story maker.
I love child spirit in action.

A good friend of mine inspires me with her positive parenting.
I tend to always have negative consequences and forget about building up the self-esteem 
with incentive and reward.
We have adopted her strategy of earning tickets for things that are challenging us...
like putting out dirty clothes in the hamper, cleaning out our lunch boxes,
putting all of our toys away before bed (with out reminders).
They receive the tickets to earn special things... 
play-dates (6), dinner out(10), a special dessert (4), dinner requests (3),
even a day off from school (30 tickets saved)

It is all new but they are motivated and have special places they keep their star wars tickets.
I love being inspired by others.

Rohan's clay heads 

Rohan's canoe and paddler

We had friends over for a play-date and made it a claydate (corny I know but....)

Some tall bowls that look like a chalice from hell.
(A whole bottle of wine could fit in the bowl)
I wanted to cut openings in the foot of the bowl but they dried out too soon. 
I will make more later.

I make mugs. A lot of mugs.

altered mugs.

So... my kiln has been taken apart, cleaned, inspected and tested only to find out the top
elements, I thought were working properly, need to be replaced. I ordered the parts
now I just have to wait, fix it and hope I do not have to call our local kiln repair person.

I have been in the studio this week and it feels great. I can't wait to have finished work to critique
and possibly sell!
(p.s. I have a new clay friend, her daughter is in Max's class and we have many connections. She is putting the fire under me... and that will put fire under my pots ;o)

These are my play mates during the week while my human companions are at work and school.
They make me feel all warm and fuzzy, very fuzzy and sometimes hairy.

pickles (the only other female companion around)

pepper (snuggle kitty)

Fooky our protector and friend

Pepper and Rabbit (my three legged small animal killer)

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